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Is this how your medals are stored?

Keeping precious memories in an old tin not only hides them away, but can contribute to their deterioration. The various metals can react with one another and the ribbons can also become more fragile.

The variety of ways medals can be displayed is almost endless and many other items can be included alongside the medals themselves as you can see by the samples below

This simple, yet elegant layout is suitable when medals are not intended to be removed & worn and does not require the medals to be mounted on a bar.
(Although not strictly correct, some clients prefer to display the reverse side of the medal to show different detail)

Another simple but effective layout, displaying photo, badges & medals. A small plaque at the bottom shows the recipients name & service details. ( The photo shows him front right with Queen Elizabeth II holding the umbrella).


A very popular layout, with collar & shoulder badges and, in this case, a dog tag in the top window, followed by a photo, mounted medals & a plaque showing service details.


Medals need not be mounted for wearing to be framed. This collection belonged to the medico pictured, with the exception of the Victory Medal (lower left) which belonged to his father.


It was a real pleasure meeting this WRAN who, at the time of framing, was in her 80's. It was a privilage to frame these items from her service years.


Although the medal itself is not there, the ribbon bar is present for the Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (Imperial) and also the "Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct", awarded to this officer for a 13 hour negotiation in front of a loaded rifle.


Even without a photo this style of frame is still a great way of displaying your medals. Removal of the medals for wearing was not a requirement in this instance thereby saving the client the cost of mounting.

An attractive tribute to this serviceman's war service in New Guinea, including photos of his mates, his Medals and his Returned From Active Service Badge.


A complex frame showing photographs of the Three Brothers who were all KIA, their ribbon bars,a memorial plaque, Regimental Badges, Replica Medals and plaques with their individual details.

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