This "Call To Arms" is one of the simplest styles of framing, with just a single mat and "Cherry" coloured frame. The burgundy suede mat makes it an elegant display piece.




3 x WWI Post Cards with delicate lacework are framed so that the writing on the back is able to be read. In this case, the cards float in their respective windows as the writing goes to the edge of the cards. The gap between the glass & the cards allows the lace to "breathe" as humidity changes.






Ground ROHM HONOR dagger framed in a box frame.

[Although not required by this client, box frames can be made so that the article inside can be removed]

Ernst Rohm of the old guard (not Nazi) was murdered by the SS. The SA members with ROHM honor daggers had to remove the name of ROHM from their daggers within one day or be executed.






This piece tracks the career of a Queensland Police Senior Sergeant as well as showing the various changes in patches, badges etc. He even has the key to his original handcuffs.
(I wonder where the handcuffs are)

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These superbly made frames feature either a walnut or mahogany coloured finish with your choice of either an Air Force or Navy blue, or burgundy suede finish mat.
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